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This is the generic template designed at 800 pixels wide, with content flush-left and composed of the top navigation banner, one layout table for content, and Javascript code after the content table to generate the footer. This overall design was created and approved by the webmaster committee in 2003.

The top navigation banner has the centered gold CSU "Knowledge To Go Places" logo, College name and department name images, the College caduceus logo in green and gold and a row of College-related navigation links in a fixed size. There are customized banners for departments, units and other pages available at It you need one customized, contact

The table containing the content has three cells, one set at the width of 160 pixels for an optional left-hand navigation links (optional - this can be empty), the second limited to 480 pixel width to accommodate long lengths of text per the Net Mechanic's Design Tip "Limit Your Line Length" yet not fall off the page when printed, and the third column set at 160 pixel width for "eye candy" or "fluff", items that could fall off or be cut off the right edge of a standard portrait print.